Architectural Millwork
and Custom Displays

ConceptWorks, Inc. specializes in turning ideas into reality. From stand alone displays to customized working exhibits; we can tackle it all. We provide product development, engineering, woodworking, metal fabrication, prototyping, custom finishing and much more.

Our Services

Showroom Displays

Solidify your brand and ROI with elegant displays for your products.

Architectural Millwork

Breathtaking, yet functional custom millwork assemblies.


Eye-catching marketing tools for showcasing products in retail settings.

Trade Show Displays

An industry leader for over 30 years in custom exhibits for face-to-face events.

How We Do It

We solve problems by leaning on over three decades worth of experience. Whether it’s a one-off display or an entire trade show booth, we can manage your project from start to finish. We are experts at high-volume runs, but we can also maintain a high-level of detail on an intricate custom Architectural Millwork project.

Regardless of the need, ConceptWorks can be your solution. 

Sketch pad and pencil

We Start With Your Ideas

Our creative phase takes your ideas and turns them into real concepts through a conversation between you and our designers.

Color Rendering of display

We Bring Those Ideas To Life

Through napkin sketches, line drawings, and full-color renderings, we validate the design before building, turning your concepts into reality.

Employees working in the shop

We Build It

We combine state-of-the-art technology with authentic craftsmanship, creating functional displays and millwork that entertain, educate, and engage your audience.

Installing a display on site

We Deliver

We provide the option to hand-deliver, ship via third-party transit, or install the contents of your project to cover your shipping and logistical needs.

Visitors attending display booth

You Get Results

The end result is a dynamic face-to-face marketing environment that helps you connect with your customer, driving results that impact your business' objectives and goals.


We Partner with a Variety of Organizations

“The quality of your millwork is outstanding. I have never had as short a punch list as this installation. All of the pieces feel robust and sturdy. The installations are tight to the walls and most seams are nearly invisible. Please send your build and install team my thanks.”
— Kenneth Casper, Architectural Exhibit Designer - ZEBRADOG
“If you can dream it up, they can help you build it. If you can’t dream something up, they can help you dream it up and build it. ConceptWorks is a great partner for any business that is trying to get the most return on investment from a trade show display. The displays will ensure your booth captures impression and improves attendee engagement to generate more leads during the show.”
— Adam Rortvedt, Global Lead for B2C and E-commerce - CNH Industrial