Interactive Trade Show Combine Display for Case New Holland


An interactive trade show display featuring 26 service parts, a recumbent bike, and air cannons. - "Project Awesome"

In our discovery meeting, Case New Holland stated, “There is nothing sexy about parts sitting on a gondola.” In fact, they were looking for something more engaging and “awesome."

With much brainstorming and design work, we were able to provide this modular display that simulated a combine. 

Yet, this was no ordinary combine—this display was a custom-fabricated body that had 26 CNH service parts integrated into its design. 

If having the ability to market that many parts on a single display weren’t enough, we placed a recumbent bike on the front of the mock combine. The bike read an attendees k/cal exertion as they pedaled with the use of an alternator. 

If a contestant reached a pre-determined exertion level, pneumatic cannons in the grain bins at the top of the unit shot branded towels 60 plus feet into the crowd. 

Hundreds of attendees surrounded this display due to the excitement. 

This is the type of immersive experience that show attendees are seeking, which you can help deliver through ConceptWorks.


Project Details

Client Name:
Case New Holland

The Need:
Interactive trade show exhibit

The Process:

  1. Brainstormed concepts
  2. Produced renderings
  3. Engineered CAD drawings
  4. Fabricated/tested unit
  5. Custom crated
  6. Shipped unit to the designated trade show location
  7. Aided in show-site setup


  • 26 Case New Holland service parts
  • Recumbent bike
  • Air cannons
  • Custom combine body
  • Control monitor
  • PLC controls, solenoids

Materials Used:

  • MDF
  • Plywood
  • Metal
  • Vinyl graphics
  • Tubular steel
  • Acrylic
  • LED lights
  • Heat-bent plastic
  • PLC controls
  • Non-slip tread
  • Variety of paints and finishes

20'l x 8'd x 8't

A unit that had returned a 13:1 ROI and paid for itself within a year.

Designer:   Adam Schneider

Adam Schneider